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Everyone has heard of “top mount” and “front mount” intercooler setups, but perhaps you haven’t heard of the “v” mount. There are two main reasons for setting up your intercooler/radiator this way. The first of which is that by having the intercooler sit inside the rad support and up higher, a shorter route of piping is achieve which helps with boost threshold and throttle response. In fact, on a subaru its been documented that one can shed up to 5′ of piping by going v-mount opposed to a conventional front mount setup. The second reason for doing a v-mount is improved air flow efficiency through both the intercooler and radiator core. As the vehicle is moving, air moves through the air dam and then it hits a wall (the engine). This turbulence causes new air to split as it comes through the air dam, some of it goes up and over the engine and some of it flows beneath. I’ve attached a diagram where this is more easily understood. Anyways on to some pictures!