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On April 23rd, Nissan brought their GT-R supercar to the famed Nurburgring for yet another round of testing. With Toshio Suzuki at the wheel, the AWD Nissan managed to lay down a 7:26.70 lap time, only .30 seconds off the pace of Chevrolet’s Corvette ZR1, and a solid 5.32 seconds ahead of Porsche’s 911 GT2…


Risky Devil S-Chassis

Risky Devil. They like to call themselves ‘New Age Chicago Street Rodders’. The group was founded in 2001 and their members are located near the heart of Chicago. I really feel that their cars have made an impact on the import scene, at least on the internet. The cars have a strong style, and this is partly to do with the photographer AJ Gillette from Ill Photography. I love his work.

Check out their new dvd teaser here: