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It’s back. Little introduction is needed for this legendary car, as it is without a doubt the fastest circuit racer in Japan. Previously known as the HKS TRB 02, or Tsukuba Record Breaker, this full-carbon bodied Lancer Evolution 8 is back with a vengeance. In February of 2004 this machine, then sporting a bare carbon paint-scheme, lapped the small Tsukuba Circuit deep in the Ibaraki-ken countryside in an unheard of 54.739 seconds. Just to put things into perspective, a stock Lancer Evolution 8 laps the 2.070 m circuit in 1 minute 05 seconds, and this is with pro-driver/living-legend Keiichi Tsuchiya behind the wheel, on a good day. The driver who clocked in at 54 seconds was none other than Nobuteru Taniguchi, official HKS driver and one of the most skilled wheelmen in Japan.

Having already secured the fastest ever tuned car record at Tsukuba, Nob as well as the HKS mechanics knew that the car could go faster. As such, he boldly set off ready to shoot for a time in the 53-second bracket, but then, to everybody’s surprise, it went horribly wrong. Coming into the infield hairpin in fifth gear Nob locked up the front brakes and ploughed straight into the barriers, effectively shattering the TRB 02 into pieces. The mechanics couldn’t believe what had happened. Looking at the various video footage it seemed like there was some kind of steering arm failure, but since the whole front section of the car was damaged pretty badly in the impact there was no way of finding out the real cause.

With Taniguchi thankfully unhurt it was back to the drawing board. It took HKS almost two years to bring the car back to its former glory, and oh man did they do a good job. Shown for the first time at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year, the new vehicle now sports a catchy new paint-scheme and in typical Japanese fashion, a totally new name. Behold the CT230R.


GST Motorsports GC8

Subaru’s Impreza has been kicking up dirt on the world rally circuit well before the WRX was brought to American soil. Few Americans realize how capable the older Impreza models really were or at least could become after some modifications. Like many cars, they were noticeably lighter in weight back then, and offered a driving feel that many say are simply lacking in today’s cars.

This ’96 Impreza is possibly the most awe-inspiring example in the country. Originally purchased in 2003 by Michael Warfield of GST Motorsports, it was intended to be nothing more than his simple daily driver. It wasn’t until years later, in 2006, that it began the transformation into this time attack monster. It all began when GST and partners GOTO:Racing and Calculated Risk were scratching their heads trying to figure out what car to enter in the NASA 25-Hour Endurance race that year. Brian Lock of GOTO:Racing suggested that Michael build up his old Impreza. With everyone in agreement, Michael called on engine-tuning legend Cosworth for some motor help. The car was stripped and the frantic wrenching began.

Currently the GST Motorsports Impreza L is currently atop the standings for the Unlimited AWD class and the only Subaru to ever break the 1:50 second barrier at Buttonwillow. This car puts out 525whp and 450ft/lbs of torque to the wheels.