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Happy New Year!

No, I haven’t stopped skiing!! We’ve just been having too much fun to bother pulling out a camera for 5 minutes… I haven’t been updating too much because of the lack of pictures, but I am going to go against the rules and let everyone in on the last couple days of skiing that was had. Last Sunday Dec.29 Ian and I headed out to Revelstoke after the aforementioned DUMP of snow. Originally we had planned to go Saturday and Sunday, but Ian’s flight from Saskatchewan was delayed. Ian and I were both rocking our new powder sticks which was alot fun with all the new snow. It was a super good day, and I think the first time we actually were able to squeeze a full day out of our bodies at that mountain (BIG). Also as a side note, the new Ripper Chair is complete crap… Fast forward to Dec.31 at Big White. Again skiing with Ian it was our first good “park” day of the season. No airs yet, all rails and jibs… It was nice and fresh out there and seemed to be the only place on the hill that wasn’t busy. We rode the lift up twice but sessioned features for about 4 hours before calling it a day. We were just having too much fun to even remember to take some pics!! It was a great day of progression for both of us. Lastly, Jan.1 being a little bit ronnied it was a late start, but a start nonetheless. I skied with Seth and his cousin Nate from the island. It ended up being one of those days you get about 3 or 4 times a year at Big White. A larger than expected snowfall occured overnight, and you would expect everything to be tracked out to hell and back by noon, but that simply wasn’t the case. With the hill being fairly quiet and most of the people being tourists, we were able to find a couple REALLY good spots, and I mean REALLY good. I was on my dinky little park skis because I hadn’t expected anything like this when coming up 2 days prior… I wish I had my ARG’s, but it made for some good face shots being deep in the snow!


Revelstoke Trip #1

December 6, 2008 Ian and I headed out to Revelstoke Mountain at about 6am in the morning for the weekend. With a big snowfall expected friday and saturday night we were hopeful for some good turns given the fact that it was still relatively early in the season. Needless to say we werent dissappointed…