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Top Dog 722BHP GC8

Many people in the business reckon this Subaru is the best the UK has to offer-and with good reason. The facts and figures speak for themselves. This car won the ’07 TOTB-the UK’s prestigious handling, top speed and dragstrip competition- the Scooby Shootout Handling competition and finished second overall at the ’07 Time Attack. It produces 605 bhp at the wheels or 722 when the gas is switched on; so figure on about 800 at the flywheel. To build, the car cost 150,000 and has reached 194 mph and a recorded 9.59-second quarter-mile. Despite that multitasking competitive pedigree, it’s still road legal and immaculate enough to be entered in concours.

“It’s absolutely brutal when the power kicks in between 4,500 and 5,000 rpm,” he says. “And then it keeps pulling all the way round to 8,500.”